About Me
I am an international award-winning photographer, certified FAA pilot and contributor to CBS News in NYC. We serve clients in the greater NY/PA area and beyond. Our mission focuses on image excellence and incredible customer service. We are committed to deliver high quality images and services that are timely and cost-effective. Our goal is to be an extension of your business to help you to land more listings, product promotions and treating all your clients with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.
It is easy to tell the difference between amateur photography and high-quality professional real estate photography. There really is no comparison, and your buyers will immediately recognize the difference and be more attracted to beautiful photography. In today’s real estate market, photos are key to making that initial impact with potential buyers. Studies have shown 95% of online shoppers, the first thing they look at is your listing’s front exterior photo. Furthermore, studies show that they will spend about twenty seconds looking at that front exterior photo, before moving on to the other photos or listing details. Make that first 20 seconds really count! Our products are captured in medium format using the Fujifilm GFX system, making them ready for the web or print advertising.
Drone photography allows for different perspectives and the use of drones has made aerial photography much more affordable and accessible for a number of different uses.  Everything from land surveying to commercial development to real estate marketing and other forms of marketing can benefit from the use of dynamic aerial photographs. In fact, as a professional drone pilot and aerial photographer I can provide a wide range of services, from still photos to video coverage, which can result in a whole new view of your property, merchandise or family event.
The most talented technical photographer in the world could not make compelling wildlife and landscape images without an understanding of basic wildlife biology and the knowledge required to find your subjects in the first place. My father instilled in me the appreciation for the great outdoors and respect for the all animals. My approach to wildlife and landscape photography is to spend inordinate amounts of time in the field: searching, sitting, observing, learning. The fundamental goal of my photography is for the viewer to come away with a greater respect and appreciation for the wildlife, their toughness, and struggles. The perfect landscape image is to capture that moment in time and be in awe of the vast beauty our world. My prints are available for purchase and licensing.

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